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January 24, 2007
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The Thin Red Line by Kaiser-Conti The Thin Red Line by Kaiser-Conti
Many of you can feel a little bit confused about the title..."WTF? where is that damn Guadalcanal? where are brave American soldiers being killed by Japanese mortars, machine guns etc etc? "
So I'll explain...this phrase doesn'y come from the book written by James Jones nor the movie...This sentence was used for the first time on October 25 1854 during the Crimean War, when The Times correspondent William H. Russell saw a brave (and also you may think insane) stance of the Scots from the 93 Sutherland Higland Regiment...To protect the disorganised British camp in Balaclava against an attack of the Russian cavalry charging at the camp early in the morning , Sir Colin Campbell- commander of the regiment formed the 93rd into a line two deep the famous "thin red line". He needed to stretch the line to fully protect the camp. Fortunately for him his soldiers repeled the russian cavalry with two volleys(and even started a traditional highland counterattack but the fierce Scots were stopped by Campbell crying "93RD, DAMN ALL THAT EAGERNESS!!! " :P )

I was inspired by Robert Gibb's famous painting entitled "The Thin Red Line" ...and by the way...who said that ordinary coloured pencils are for children? :D :P

so what should I draw next? maybe the Charge of the Light or Heavy brigade? D:D dunno...must think about it :P
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ColonelBSacquet Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2014
Scotmen. What else ? ^^
kineticIII Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
Great drawing of a great painting. I have a print of Gibb's "The Thin Red Line."

I sketched one of the guys, on my gallery.

+1 for knowing your history!
firelord-zuko Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I wasn't aware Highland Regiments wore beards. I thought that was a privilege of some light regiments. Also, the feather bonnets look a bit weird, sort of like a mix between a bearskin cap and a hussar's busby. Otherwise, very very nice. I love all the different faces on the men.
Kaiser-Conti Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013
Ah, you might be right about the design's "wierdness". When this pic was created I recall being convinced that the Scots wore specifically shaped bearskin caps, hence the depiction. As for the facial hair, around the time of the Crimean war, beards were generally in fashion in the British army, including the Highland regiments [link]
JiMMY--CHaN Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Student Artist
ahhh the thin red line was a very clever thing to be thought up~ it was one of my favourite things to learn about in history class. I hated history class :XD:
Radavik Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2007
"Bring on the 93rd!" Actualy, I prefer the battle of Alma during the Crimean, where the Black Watch and the Coldstream Guards where the ones who took the battle. Very nice work here though, you would have made Rober Gibb proud (Painted the Thin Red Line).
Kaiser-Conti Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2007
...storming the hills full of russian guns ;)...I was strongly inspired by Gibb's painting :D anyway thanks for recognition :)
Radavik Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2007
Sorry, meant Rober't'. Anyway, no worries. Once again, good work.
TheGuardingDark Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
An excellent work. Might I suggest some of Wellington's campaigns in India and the Iberian penninsula? As for accuracy of the rifles... Well the Enfield rifle had an effective range of 1000 yards, well over the 200 yards of the Brown Bess musket. The technology had outpaced the tactics, and the result was bloodshed on a new and horrible level. This is shown in the early clashes of the American civil war, and both sides needed to reform their stratic and tactical thinking. Unfortunately, Europe wouldn't learn this until the conflict in Crimea, where they learned the same way the Americans did... the hard way.
Kaiser-Conti Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007
glad you like it :) napoleonic wars you say? well I must think about it...the British army during that campaigns wasn't as nicely uniformed (at least that's my opinion :D ) as for example during the Crimean war and later :D
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